Vietnamese New Year at Namese
Celebrate Tet (Vietnamese New Year) and Year of the Rooster at @namesenola on Saturday, January 28th! We will have a traditional lion dance performance by the Bo Do Buddhist Temple Lion Dance Team at 5:30PM. We will also be giving out 50 Red Envelopes filled with lucky money ... Read More
We all have those foods that just make us feel better when we're sick - whether they actually have healing power or not. Pho is the Chicken Noodle Soup of the Vietnamese culture and it's healing effects are catching on in New Orleans, too. It's no surprise when the Namese ... Read More
Cathead Vodka Tea
While namese's Mid-City location is known for its traditional Vietnamese fare, the bar and specialty cocktail menu holds it on. The menu consists of classics, signature favorites, and some seasonal spice that ... Read More
Shaking Things Up at Namese
"Shaking Things Up at Namese" by Morgan Ford, Yelp New Orleans Senior Community Manager Hieu Doan with the help of his sister, Denise, opened namese in late 2013 bridging the gap between the markets of Vietnam and the streets of New Orleans with their menu. On a cool Sunday, the ... Read More
National Pho Day at Namese
"Pho is at the heart and soul of what we do,” says owner of Namese, Hieu Doan. Namese invites its Mid-City neighbors, patrons, and friends to celebrate the national dish of Vietnam on Monday, December 12th for National Pho Day. This particular food holiday is centered around the Mid City ... Read More
A fun fact “pho” you: In Vietnam and/or in Vietnamese communities worldwide, pho is actually served at breakfast time, as a start to the day. Pho to the Vietnamese is like the donut, oatmeal or muffin to the Americans. Fascinating, right? Traditional pho (pronounced “fuh”) is the ... Read More
2-for-1 Special
  Couldn't score a ticket to this weekend's big game? Namese has a front row seat with you name on it! Namese will host a 2-for-1 beer special as the Louisiana State University Tigers take on the Alabama Crimson Tide this Saturday, November 5th. Visit our Mid-City eatery for deals of ice-cold ... Read More
You will love the Vietnamese food and experience at Namese Vietnamese Cafe. We offer a complete menu packed with authentic Vietnamese cuisine. We are a New Orleans original as we have derived our menu straight from the markets of Vietnam. Last month, we featured a blog post that ... Read More
Bubble Tea
It seems as if everyone is talking about eating food grown locally these days. The National Restaurant Association says that menus featuring locally produced fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, and wine are among the hottest trends this year. And sections just for local food are sprouting up in big-box stores ... Read More
Namese Vietnamese Cafe has an authentic Vietnamese menu that New Orleans has grown to love. We have many popular dishes for you to enjoy, including our Vietnamese Taco with steamed rice flour buns, Asian slaw, special sauce, and your choice of grilled shrimp, Peking style duck, ... Read More