Our Food And Culture On Display


Welcome back to the Namese Vietnamese Cafe Blog. In our last blog entry, we started a blog review to look back at some blogs that described our authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Anyone seeking culturally rich Vietnamese food in New Orleans will want to stop at Namese. This month, we will change it up by looking back at one of our informative blogs but posting some information about one of our more popular dishes, Shaken Pho Bac. If you would like to read beyond the short excerpt we published here on the blog, simply click the link to read the entry in its entirety.

Eat at our Asian Restaurant in New Orleans

“Not only do we have the most traditional Vietnamese food you can find in the area, but we make it with 100% authenticity.”

“We do things a little differently at our restaurant in New Orleans. Because we love food, and we love the culture and we love the taste that Vietnamese brings to our Asian restaurant, we have made our recipes with nothing less than the “namese” taste you expect. We use the highest quality ingredients in all of our recipes to give you more than a satisfactory visit at our Vietnamese cafe.”

Take, for example, one our most popular menu items, Shaken Pho Bac:


Namese style beef bone marrow broth, fresh flat noodles & your choice of protein wok seared with bone marrow oil, garlic and onions.

Filet Mignon 13.5 Short Rib 13.5 Oxtail 13.5

Brisket 10 Chicken 10.5 Seafood 13.5

Fried Tofu 9.5 Veggie 10.5