Namese Vietnamese Cafe has an authentic Vietnamese menu that New Orleans has grown to love. We have many popular dishes for you to enjoy, including our Vietnamese Taco with steamed rice flour buns, Asian slaw, special sauce, and your choice of grilled shrimp, Peking style duck, braised beef debris, or five spice pork belly. We mix the delicious markets of Vietnam with the zing of New Orleans cuisine. We use only the highest quality and fresh ingredients in our food and throughout our authentic Vietnamese menu. We can also cater any event with a separate catering menu. We will bring Vietnam to you and all your guests with several appetizer, main dish, and noodle options.

We have published many informative blog articles about our delicious Vietnamese menu, so we are going to do a blog review to allow our newer readers to catch up on some of our authentic menu items.To read beyond the brief excerpt that we post below, click the direct link to the blog article at the top of the excerpt.

Are You Ready To Experience The Flavors Of Vietnamese Cooking?

“Traditionally, Vietnamese cooking strives for balance in flavors and textures. This balance is beneficial to the body, and it also reflects a reverence for the natural world and our place in it. Certain dishes are served in seasons to provide contrasts to the outdoor temperature. Pork, which is considered to be a “hot” meat, is usually served in winter. In summer, however, the “cool” meat of the duck provides a pleasing contrast.”

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We Have The Best Vietnamese Food!

“Here at Namese Restaurant, we strive to give you the most authentic Vietnamese food possible. We use homemade ingredients and recipes to give you the Vietnamese experience you want. If you are looking to try a new dish that you have had your eye on, try the Namese BBQ Shrimp! With this dish, you will get the mouth watering taste of classic BBQ and homemade Vietnamese in one! You’ll receive shrimp that’s been sauteed in our homestyle BBQ sauce topped of with a delicious homemade slaw.”

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