The Perks Of Eating At Your Local Vietnamese Restaurant

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It seems as if everyone is talking about eating food grown locally these days. The National Restaurant Association says that menus featuring locally produced fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, and wine are among the hottest trends this year. And sections just for local food are sprouting up in big-box stores and supermarkets. At Namese, your local Vietnamese restaurant, we’re inspired by this growing movement.

Is it more nutritious? Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of produce has been linked to numerous health benefits, so it makes sense that buying food from nearby farms is a healthy move.

Is local the same as organic? No. But some vendors might have organic certification and others might follow organic practices, such as minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and raising animals humanely and without antibiotics and growth hormones.

While the jury is still out on the specific health benefits of eating locally produced food, there’s no question that choosing a bounty of fresh, unprocessed food is better for you than, say, grabbing a prepared meal high in sodium and fat from the freezer aisle of a supermarket. And everyone can benefit from eating more fruit and vegetables, the cornerstone of most farmers markets. If you don’t have one nearby or a local food section at your grocery store, consider joining a community supported agriculture program, or CSA.

At ‘namese’, you will taste the highest quality of ingredients while experiencing comfort through foods you never thought was possible.