Our Vietnamese Taco Is The Best In Town


You will love the Vietnamese food and experience at Namese Vietnamese Cafe. We offer a complete menu packed with authentic Vietnamese cuisine. We are a New Orleans original as we have derived our menu straight from the markets of Vietnam. Last month, we featured a blog post that gave you some background on our restaurant and followed it up with one of our more popular menu items, Shaken Pho Bac. This month, we are featuring an entry that gives more specific information about our Vietnamese menu and sharing an item from the menu that it mentions. If you would like more information on the blog entry, click on the link to read more about our Vietnamese cuisine.

Delicious Vietnamese Restaurant in New Orleans

“A tasty dish that is sure to tickle your fancy is the Peking Style Duck. This dish is not one that you can find at any ordinary restaurant. We prepare our duck by braising and curing it in-house, then pan sear it and shred it to serve on a dish with hoisin BBQ sauce and a homemade slaw. But let’s backtrack for a second; what is a main entree without a starter?”

The Peking Duck we were referring to in that blog post is still a very popular item on our menu. It’s listed below as a meat in the Vietnamese Taco, or Banh’ BaoY, as it’s referred to in Vietnamese.


Steamed rice flour buns, filled with your choice of meat, Asian slaw and special sauce (2 buns per order)

Grilled Shrimp – 6.9

Peking Style Duck – 6.9

Braised Beef Debris – 5.5

Five Spice Pork Belly – 5.5