Appetizers / Khai Vi

Spring Rolls / Gói Cuõn

Steamed Bao / Bánh Bao

Steamed rice flour buns, filled with your choice of meat (2 buns per order)

Specialty / Ðâc Biêt

Salads / Xà Lách

House Dressing or Hoisin vinaigrette

Phó / Noodle Soup

Flat rice noodle in pho broth; served with cilantro, onions, basil, bean sprouts, & limes.
*Add Chicken, Beef Brisket, or Beef Meatballs for $3, *Add extra filet mignon for $6

Rice / Com

Your entrée choice served with jasmine rice, freshly picked veggies, “nuóc châm”, and house special soup. (excluded in to-go orders)
*Add Crabby Rice for $6 *Add Pork & Egg Terrine for $1.5 or Fried Egg for $1

Vermicelli Noodles / Bún

Vermicelli rice noodles topped with your choice of meat, lettuce, basil leaves, mint leaves, limes and bean sprouts; topped with crushed peanuts

Po Boy / Bánh Mì

Your baguette filled with your choice of meat; served with aioli, julienne veggies, cilantro, & jalapenos

Kid’s Menu/Tré em

(For Children 10 and under)
Smaller portions for your little ones; all kid’s meals includes a soft drink


Desserts/Tráng miêng

Bubble Teas/Trán Châu-5.5

A variety of flavors blended into a slushy tea based drink, (or milk if you prefer a smoothie) comes with your choice of chewy filler: Tapioca Pearls.
*Substitute fillers with Rainbow Jellies, or Lychee Jellies for .50 extra or bursting pearls for $.75 extra * 21 and over: Add a shot starting at $6.00

Fruit Flavors:
Avocado, Banana, Blueberry Cappuccino, Coffee, Coconut, Honeydew, Mango, Taro, Lychee, Pineapple, Jackfruit, Passion Fruit, Thai Tea, Green Tea, Strawberry, Peach, Green Apple, Red Bean, Papaya, and Watermelon.

Bursting Pearls:
Lychee, Mango, and Strawberry

Refreshments/Giái Khát

Specialty Drinks


Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra

Abita Amber (local) 4.5

Heineken (Amsterdam), Saigon (Vietnam), 33 (Vietnam), Stella Artoise
4.5 – 5

White Wines

Red Wines